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Our Clients

“oDesk allows small business owners to get a workforce without the hassle... You get tasks done efficiently and quickly and have the flexibility to adjust, based on how many people you need.”

— Tobias Moyer, Washington D.C. Founder of Droidlaw, member since 2009

“The whole oDesk idea is brilliant. It’s smart and solves my problems in a fast, efficient way.”

— Alex Holtermann, Hong Kong, ChinaManaging Director, Asian Capital Events, Ltd., member since 2010

“What would take one person alone a decade to do, I can do in a couple of months through oDesk at a price that makes the whole project possible. If we didn’t have oDesk, we wouldn’t be able to do lots of the things we have done.”

— Jonathan Swanson, San Francisco, CA Co-founder and COO of Thumbtack, member since 2009

“When our lead developer left, we came to oDesk thinking it would be temporary. It turned out coming to oDesk was huge for us, and we turned over all our development work to oDesk.”

— Mark Kauffman, Vancouver, BC Co-founder of The Linguist Institute, member since 2008

“We’re gaining efficiency and productivity through oDesk -- and there are cost savings in that -- but it is not as much about cost savings as knowing that oDesk has the right talent.”

— Daniel Lynton, Houston, TX Founder of Lyttonweb, member since 2009

Our Freelancers

“When I went for the Fulbright interview, the experience I had gained through working on oDesk – working for myself and managing myself – I was better able to see where I wanted to go and explain that to the committee. I also took savings from my oDesk earnings and invested it in a software application company.”

— Tayyab Tariq, Stanford, CA / Islamabad, Pakistan Tayyab is currently studying at Stanford University on a Fulbright scholarship. Member since 2010.

“It was a real shock to my friends when I decided to walk away from the best-paying employer on the island to go out on my own and start my own business on oDesk. But I knew it was the right thing for me to do. I couldn’t be happier.”

— Marcel Morgan, Kingston, Jamaica Marcel is on track to increase his earnings by 20% this year. Member since 2009.

“oDesk takes care of my hours, my billing, and gives me a great way to put my earnings in the bank. It’s absolutely brilliant; it’s perfect for me.... oDesk allows me to have a life and still do my work.”

— Valerie Martin, Lafayette, LA Valerie left her full time job when the work week hit 60 hours but the pay stayed the same. She wanted more control over her life and her time. Member since 2007.

“Working on oDesk is very profitable for me because of the flexibility. When I used to work in a corporation, family matters would come up, but you can’t leave the office. Working on oDesk, I’m getting the same or more income, plus the freedom to have more time with my children and fill their needs at home, in school or travel with them.”

— Verena de los Reyes, Baguio City, Philippines A mother of three who has accounting and law degrees, Verena left the corporate life to be at home. Member since 2009.

“oDesk is about fitting work into your life, instead of life into your work.”

— Megan Anderson, Sandy, Oregon Megan enjoys being at home with her kids while managing her own independent career. Member since 2008.