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For over 7 years of web development created many sites from small to large start-ups.
to be continued.

Work History & Feedback

PHP/Mysql/JavaScript Developer for Facebook

/ $196.00  (16 hrs @ $12.00/hr)

Alex has good web programming skills, he completed tasks in short time schedule and brilliant quality. I would recommend Alex as good team member for any kind of web applications.

Website Design and Development in Drupal

/ $56.83  (5 hrs @ $11.00/hr)

This contractor is impossible to work with. He does have skills, but never shows up for work. I don't know if he has personal problems, or what the cause is, but in the past week or more, he has logged exactly 5 hours. When given a simple task (duplicate a website layout), he does anything he can think of, just not the task he was told to do. Then when asked why he didn't just make the site look like the original, he complains about not being given clear instructions.I hired him once before, and spent an entire month cajoling him to do work. After a full month he finally finished 18hrs of effort. Technically, he seems to know something about linux and Drupal. But that does me no good when he uses more of my time arguing with me, than he spends actually working. It is not a good experience working with him. I gave him a second and even third chance, but he just never improves. The best day he had, he worked maybe 3hrs, and a lot of that was not doing what he was told to do (just copy website X). Hire any one of the thousands of other contractors. You'd even be better doing the work yourself than hiring Alex. (It would be faster, too.)


/ $658.00  (94 hrs @ $7.00/hr)