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  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $400.00 Posted
    This job requires a script that parses a simple CSV email attachment (by rows and columns) and posts this data to a web application via RESTful API. An email api service like Mailgun (see link documentation) should be used to capture email. Then your script should parse the email attachment, and send data to a different web application via API (2nd link).
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $45.00 Posted
    I would like to load an iframe and retrieve a specific token(number) from that iframe and place it into a webpage The token in the iframe is created dynamically each time and it changes everytime depending on user location,browser,cpu etc etc. Its a simple task to whoever knows how to retrieve cross-domain iframe data. So it would only be something like get $token from iframe and be able to use the $token in current webpage I dont ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $3,000.00 Posted
    I am looking for a MASTER in cURL to be able to crawl a semi-complex website. The results are to be stored in JSON. Here is an example that I retrieved from the "Copy as cURL" from Google Chrome: curl '' -H 'Cookie: __utma=40790906.829395852.1397601026.1397601026.1397601026.1; __utmb=40790906.2.9.1397601027153; __utmc=40790906; __utmz=40790906.1397601026.1.1.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $180.00 Posted
    I would like to make a webpage that someone can enter their URL and it should give the user all the info they need to know about their ssl certificate similar to if you have experience are you are 100% can do it today, message me.. I need to check and display the following IP address that the request is being made from (user) IP ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $50.00 Posted
    Hi, I need to type in a keyword, or string of keywords into Google (or a script connecting to Google) and download all the URL's of the results that it gives out. It needs to work fast and have the ability to download many per day. Get in touch with how you will do this and please be available on Skype. J
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $25.00 Posted
    We need a php curl web form to post XML data to market place. Example attached.
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $100.00 Posted
    Need c++ code that will download multiple web pages at the same time / asynchronously. Need boost::asio or libcurl used for the networking library. This code will be used on a linux operating system so it needs to be developed with that in mind. Any version of C++ can be used. However, 11 is preferred. Specific code requirements: - Use either boost::asio or libcurl - Save downloaded files with random names and to specific directory - Clean, efficient code - Linux compatible code
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $50.00 Posted
    I need a PHP script that posts a new topic on a Google group board that I am the manager of. The script should take in the following parameters: Input 1: Group email address Input 2: Google email address Input 3: Google password Input 4: Topic subject Input 5: Topic message The script should then create the topic based on the supplied subject / message. Once complete the script should output the URL of the successfully created topic. If the topic ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $350.00 Posted
    THIS IS A JOB THAT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IMMEDIATELY! ONLY REPLY IF YOU CAN COMPLETE THIS JOB TODAY! I need a PHP / CURL script written to extract data from a website. User experience: Page asks user to insert their promoter ID ** for this example the user inserts irish1 as their promoter ID The script will then navigate to and then to On the source code of there is a rep_id_directo ...