.NET C# Project

.NET C# Project


Job Description

.net developer to work on a project

Your mission is to create a social network for businesses. A Social network where coworkers with a same email address can by the main company feed or a custom created group share status updates, like a status, comment and post images.
What’s expected
Using ASP.NET MVC 4 and the Entity Framework you must create a prototype of the social network previously mentioned.
This project must be created with maintainability and evolution in mind.
The data structure and classes is up to you to define,
A User must at least be defined by:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Date of Birth
- Email Address
- Department
- Title
- Gender
A User must at least be able to:
- Register
- Authenticate
- Post/Remove his own posts
- Like
- Comment
- Search for a status
- Search for a user
- Follow/Unfollow another user
- Log out
- Create/Delete a custom group
- Add users to the custom group
- Remove users from the custom group
- Remove himself from a custom created group (Except his own)
A Post must at least be defined by:
- User
- Content
- Picture (optional)
- Likes
- Comments
- A Group
A Group must at least be defined by:
- An owner
- Users
- A Name
You will also need to expose the data over a Web Service for a future mobile or tablet application.

Skills: .net, mvc