2D Vector Artist for Children's Mobile Game

2D Vector Artist for Children's Mobile Game


Job Description


I'm looking for a vector artist to create graphics for a children's mobile game.

Assets required:
- 5 unique background illustrations
- 20 foreground scenery objects
- 30 unique animal characters
- UI Components
- title screen
- in-game menu

I'm looking for a specific style - please see the samples attached. You will be required to create background scenery, and a large number of simple (line work, fairly flat shading) illustrations of animals. Parts of each animal will need to be self-contained on separate layers, so that they can be animated (so pen tool outlines only, no blob brush!).

Skills required:
- Adobe Illustrator experience
- mobile graphics design experience
- the ability to create illustrations and UI components
- knowledge of how to size art for standard resolution and retina displays

If you do not meet the skill requirements, please do not apply. If you do meet these requirements, please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
- your background in graphic design
- the name of your favourite mobile game, and why it is your favourite
- a link to your portfolio (this *must* feature designs for at least one mobile game)
- the phrase 'I like horses, best of all the animals' as first line of your letter

I look forward to receiving your application.

Skills: graphics, design, vector-graphics

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