5 vignettes about mature women - adult content optional

5 vignettes about mature women - adult content optional


Job Description


I seek you, the mature male creative writer, to write 5 thoughtful vignettes about mature women. "Mature" in this instance refers to sexual situations, i.e. "in praise of older women".

The vignettes will be published on http://EroticAria.com through your personal profile and they will be promoted online using keywords associated with the "mature women" genre of publications.

Please visit EA, locate the Writings tab in the menu, hover over it and then hover over the Vignettes menu to see the avilable sub categories. You can choose any of these sub cats for your vignettes except the supernatural.

Our definition of a vignette is on this page
http://eroticaria.com/blog/Guidelines_on_how_to_classify_your_story_on_Erotic_Aria_1_4578. The word count is 500 words max but ideally you should aim for 300-400 words.

With your contact please supply one sample of a vignette you have written.

I very much look forward to hearing from you. If this project is successful I should very much look forward to further writing in separate and subsequent projects.

Thank you for reading,

Jens Kristjansson
Erotic Aria