A single landing page

A single landing page


Job Description

This project is for building a one web page. It has slightly different specs for laptop screen and iPad screen.

Visual spec is attached to this post.

Behavioral spec:

1) When the user goes to www.opsvisibility.com on a computer display homepage_cleancopy.
2) On the homepage_cleancopy when the user enters his email address and clicks submit button
a. collect the email address information in a google spreadsheet
b. do NOT conduct any field validations
c. Display homepage_emailSubmitted (the one with the user feedback)
d. When the user comes back to opsvisibility.com display homepage_cleancopy
3) When the user goes to www.opsvisibility.com on an iPad display
a. If landscape view display ipad_landscape
b. If portrait view display ipad_portrait

More on visual specs:

- Background picture should scale automatically according to user's screen.
- The white overlay content box has fixed size. NOT varying with browser window size change.
- The white overlay content box should move from right to left. The copyright footer should move from bottom to top.

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