ASP.Net MVC Developer ExtJS 4

ASP.Net MVC Developer ExtJS 4


Job Description

Project Description
The software to be developed is a web based clinical management application that is based on an existing desktop application and database. A brief summary of the significant functionality includes;

Role Management
The system shall provide a facility to for administrators to define custom roles that determine access to the application’s functions.

User Management
The system shall provide the facilities to add new users of the system and assign roles as defined by the administrator.

Patient Registrations
The system shall provide facilities to register new patients and edit the details of existing patients in the patient database.

The user will be able to book patients into the system by entering registered patients into the system through a calendar based user interface.

The user shall have the ability to create a new consultation record which will provide facilities but is not limited to;
• Maintain Medical History
• Dispense pharmaceuticals
• Carryout Medical Surveillance

Stock Control
The system shall provide a facilities to record and control stock levels of pharmaceutical medicines and other medical supplies. Additionally, the software will provide facilities that facilitate cost accounting for medical supplies.

The system shall provide a range of reports through a reporting facility

The system shall provide the facility to print a variety of documents including;
• Prescriptions
• Reports
• Referrals

Technology Stack

Presentation: Ext JS 4.0
Architecture: Microsoft ASP.Net MVC 4
Data Access Strategy: LINQ 2 SQL
Persistence: SQL Server 2012/2008R2
Source Control: GIT

Skill Requirements:
Required: A high level of competency is required with the specified technology stack using the c sharp language with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Experience with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS 4.0 is non-negotiable the developer must be experienced with these frameworks and JavaScript libraries.
Preferable: The developer will be experienced with GIT for source control. The developer will be experienced with SQL Server 2012.

The initial deliverable serves as a testing ground for the applicant’s skills and personal attributes. Thus this will be a fixed price contract that will be negotiated with the desired applicant. The applicant will demonstrate their knowledge of the required skills by submitting a proposal for the application architecture with explanation.

Project Deliverable:
The initial deliverable is the implementation of an ASP.NET MVC 4 project solution architected such that scalability, maintainability and productivity concerns are addressed. If the developer engaged is not comfortable with building the initial solution then one will be provided. The scope of the deliverable will include:
• Development of User management interfaces for CRUD operations and role assignment.
• Development of Role Management interfaces that allow administrators to define custom roles that may be assigned to users of the system.
• Implementation of security at the interface and server level.
• Test interfaces that demonstrate requirements have been implemented.

The developer engaged will be required to report daily to the company team lead for a 15 minute discussion on progress and to report any problems.
A project stakeholder will be made available to answer any questions the developer might have that are not covered in the specification provided.
The developer will be required to publish completed work at intervals during the development process where goals have been stated to have been met. The company shall provide a hosted server for development deployments and testing purposes on the Microsoft azure platform.

A specification will be given to the selected candidate.

Skills: mvc, management, test