Adding in 2 buttons

Adding in 2 buttons


Job Description

When you login>click Videos>I want there to be a button right below the My Albums on the right. The button will be labeled "Upload videos" and you will use the same button as the buttons next to it with the blue film tape as the icon to the left on the button.

You will do the same thing for the Photos page, but label it, "Upload photos" and you will use the same button again and you will use the yellow picture icon to the left that is on the other buttons.

When people click the Upload video/photo buttons that you create, it will lead to the uploader page, which you can access via:

Login>Click Videos>Click My Albums>Click a album>Click here to add more (same steps for Photos, but start with with clicking Photos)

So we are basically just creating a short cut that makes uploading content easier.

The site is made in PHP, MySQL, SFTP, and Dolphin by Boonex.

Skills: film, video

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