Advance Data Communication Technology

Advance Data Communication Technology


Job Description

In this work, you will interview a network manager or senior network analyst of an existing company. During this interview, you will determine
1. Individual’s name and title
2. Individual’s company name and main industry
3. Individual’s length of work experience
4. Company’s LAN layout by floor (starting from user desk to the access cabinet)
5. Company’s LAN layout connectivity to the Data Center
6. Company’s Data Center or location layout to the WAN
7. Company’s WAN provider and if they use Company private or public addresses
8. What topology(s) does the company implement on the LAN and on the WAN
9. What hardware technology(s) doe the company use for
a. Switches
b. Hubs
c. Routers
d. Bridges
e. Other
In your proposal, the following should be included:
Visio (or equivalent) diagrams of Company LAN (showing IP subnets)
Visio (or equivalent) diagrams of Company WAN (showing IP subnets)
Visio (or equivalent) diagrams of Company INTERNET connectivity
Visio (or equivalent) diagrams of Company WIRELESS network
- Describe the company’s purpose for Wireless
Cable layout from a Company floor to the Data Center
Cable layout of a Remote office (outside from Corporate offices) to the WAN
List of protocols the Company may use (convergence visible)
List of monitoring tools for troubleshooting and a short description of each
Does the company use convergence and for what purposes or use
What network security measures does the company deploy and for what purpose
A two to three page report essay as to why you feel this is a successful Network installation and why

I have attached an interview that I did. You got to use that for the question ask here. Need this Friday Nov 30 2012 Canada Timing

Skills: lan, switches, routers, wireless, troubleshooting

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