Agile Project Manager - global company, distributed team

Agile Project Manager - global company, distributed team


Job Description

We're not considering candidates from India or surrounding countries, sorry.

Experienced and geographically dispersed team comprising two Ukrainian developers, an Italian part-time Lead Developer and 2 Argentinian QA's plus your Australian client need your Project Manage skills. We prefer that you be in or near European time zones. This is a full-time requirement, as you learn our systems, processes and familiarise yourself with our projects and team. The requirement will hopefully reduce to about 6 hours per day ongoing.

Our innovative world first on-line negotiation simulation/game will be your prime focus. Secondary focus will become the refactoring of our Ext-JS4 profile instrument.

Let us know how your experience fits our following requirements:
1. Ensure that your resume details your experience with Agile Project Management in complex on-line / web application development. Please make mention of any Kanban experience.
2. Experienced in coordinating a remote/dispersed team, incl QA's
3. Experienced in using JIRA and any other Atlassian tools
4. Either experience in providing scoping/estimating for your development team to work towards, OR possess sufficient technical understanding to challenge developers on their scoping / estimations when estimations are exceeded.
5. Keeping your client updated via Atlassian Kanban board.
6. Experience converting a UX's annotated prototypes and wireframes into user stories and JIRA issues containing sufficient instructions for your development team
7. Ability to coordinate with a Tech Lead developer in researching and then discussing technology options with a non-technical client, ensuring that your preferred recommendation is backed up by technological and financial considerations.
8. You MUST have a solid technical background, those who have not programmed need not apply.
9. Experience in interviewing and recruiting developers. We're looking for a senior dev and front end dev.
10. You MUST possess Excellent Communication skills, and be prepared to demonstrate your abilities:
i) written & spoken levels of English must be very good
ii) explain complex specifications to developers in ways that ensure a quality build and minimise mistakes
iii) Understand complex technical challenges, and research solutions
iv) Review team performance, providing constructive feedback coaching on technical performance, ensure the team takes Responsibility and Ownership and adheres to our Systems and Procedures and the rest of our Values shared in our Social Contract:

You will receive support from our agile PM veteran coach.

Due to budget constraints, we have a STRONG preference for working directly with a freelancer and not agencies/companies.

To save us having to read copy-paste bids, please start your response with "Please find my resume attached" in the first line of your application, and of course include a copy of your resume/CV.

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