American Internet Marketing Assistant

American Internet Marketing Assistant


Job Description

Howdy :-) My name is Geoff. I'm an internet marketing consultant by day, and socially conscious entrepreneur by night. I have a passion for learning and experimenting with the latest marketing techniques... and an even bigger dream of changing the world one entrepreneur at a time.

I want to hire an American marketing assistant FULL TIME to support me in my consulting work.

You will be doing everything from writing marketing competitive analysis, to web research, to boring repetitive tasks in XL, to creating powerpoint presentations, to video editing, to transcribing. You will be doing the occasional sales call, in particular inviting special guests to come onto my TV show. You might even be asked to interview some special guests yourself. You will also be responsible for the management my team of 20 staff on odesk, so teamwork and leadership skills are important.

- reasonable experience in marketing / business (+ keen to learn)
- intelligent, able to deal with uncertainty and change
- independent, able to think for themselves
- highly organised, structured, logical
- fast, reliable internet connection
- happy to be accountable to sometimes unfair deadlines
- gets the job done without making excuses (positive attitude)
- 80+ words per minute typing rate (some transcription work required)
- dependable, rock solid reliable (i.e. rarely misses a day from work)
- very experienced and capable with task management / project management
- able to work 35-50 hours a week, without fail (even if sick etc)
- happy to work from 12pm - 9pm USA time or even later some times

To prove you actually read this job description and aren't just applying to every job you see...... to be given an interview you MUST (no exceptions) provide a 300 word answer to the following question: What is the difference between a good marketing campaign and a great marketing campaign? Interview will be on skype, so you need a working microphone. Very nice to meet you.... and I look forward to our interview.


Skills: marketing, analysis, research, video, management, leadership, typing