Android, iphone and Tablet App Developer Today!

Android, iphone and Tablet App Developer Today!


Job Description


We are looking for someone to develop an Android App and modify OS where required and for the individual or team to create quality, stable Android, Windows & iphone Apps


The chosen developer should able to create rapid prototyping and writing up basic documentation.

This should be compatible with the following mobile OS's:
- Android (Phone / Tablet)
- iOS (Phone / Tablet)
- Windows Mobile (Phone / Tablet)

The App requires a number of services to be developed as well for example auto configuration to make device a hot spot or router, high bandwidth data logging, hardware interface to our own propitiatory USB PCB as well as a complex gui.

In depth experience and skills in Android and low level Android programming is definitely a requirement.

The App will need to work with my business website which will be compatible with my websites database in which users can manage their registered accounts on the apps and online.

1. App for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.
2. App must include, account creation. photo submission. check websites email, receive all new updates.

Job Summary:
The app is a ** Quiz app in which users can download the app and use their registered username and password and receive all updates from the website regarding new applications, photos, emails and special offers. On the website back-end we must be able to see all purchased licenses and add/delete/modify the destinations and their Information. The app MUST be locked to the phone it was purchased from so the license can not be passed to another phone. It would also be ok if it would be bound to the users telephone number.

The chosen developer must hand over all source files including all rights on the software/website once the project has been paid in full and must not keep any copy or modified version of the same. We will upload the apps our self using our android / app store developer accounts

" Experience with cocos2d, Android (SDK), Objective-C is preferred
" Responsible for all the frameworks and mobile technologies needed to make new applications a success.
" Must be a team player
" Lead the technical analysis and evaluation of new mobile technologies, mobile applications testing strategies, integration, and mobile application enhancements with a strong point of view on end-user functionality, performance and maintenance
" Developer should able to create rapid prototyping and writing up basic documentation

Job Requirements:
o Experience with iOS application performance tuning (e.g. Instruments).
o 4+ years of mobile application development experience on Java/Android & iOS is preferred
o Prior experience on designing and architecting mobile application solutions
o Strong understanding of server side software, scalability, performance, and reliability aspects
o Experience with JAVA Android (SDK), iOS / Objective-C
o Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

We have some expert quotes already, but we are in no big rush until we find the 100% candidate for this job.

Please check the document attached, answer all the question and send us a quote on how long this would take to complete the project as described above and attached.

Please include in your reply previous examples of your work and at least two solid references of previous co-workers, customers, or bosses that will be able to confirm just how FANTASTIC you are! :)



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