Android phone conversation recorder

Android phone conversation recorder


Job Description

Hello Developers

We are looking for an experienced android developer to help us with a number of projects. The ideal candidate has to show us his past work that is related to the particular skill in a job posting. You need to tell us exactly what you are to do to give us the app we are after. This is is to avoid people who earn online starting contracts rather than satisfying us.

Take your time to read the description of the job below;
The job is to create an app that record incoming and outgoing phone call's voice conversations in Android phone. It needs to work regardless of whether the phone is in speaker or non speaker mode. It will record not only regular phone calls but also VOIP calls like Skype or WhatsApp.

Please let me know if you have the means to record voice when the phone is not on speaker phone, I understand that Android does not provide for it. I would also like to know if you have any means to amplify the voice if it is too soft even after the phone volume is loudest, this will then need to be done by modifying the voice file and amplify it digitally.

I also have another project which uses voice to issue command, let me know if you know how to do it. The voice command will be things like "sms", "call", "email" etc, simple commands to cause phone actions. It will be speaker dependent, meaning only respond to the voice it was trained on. It needs to be offline and react fast. Best if can be used on Android 2.3 upwards but if thats more difficult then I can accept for it to be Android 4.1.1 onwards. Reason is that Android 4.1.1 onwards have Voice Typing which is offline, however, not sure if apps can call such function.

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Skills: voip, typing