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Every athletic department, large or small, has the challenge of managing a diverse, complex scheduling tasks and athlete management. Solution: Build a completely web based software to be used my many athletic departments. No matter where you go or what computer you are using; if you have an internet connection, you can use this software.

The software will give you total control and flexibility to export all schedules, athletes, and reports into excel or a pdf format. The schedules can be easily accessed by coaches, administrators and athletic trainers. The ultimate goal is to automate and unify the entire athletic department.

The software will contain many features designed to help with organization, communication, time saving elements, and most of all a user friendly web based system for all athletic department sizes. Core features will include:

Athlete Management:

First and foremost, this will be an athlete management system. The program will import athletes, build roster keep track of paperwork, and allow you to customize reports according to your needs. It will document injuries, treatments, and doctor's notes. Other features include promoting athletes to the next grade level at any time and giving the athletic trainer the ability to work in multiple school years. The "point and click" feature helps coaches, administrators, and athletic trainers build a roster quickly and simply.

Scheduling Functionality:

Integrated directly within the software is a fully featured game and non-game scheduling functionality which assists with facility management. Through intelligent scheduling, the user will be alerted anytime an event has already been scheduled at a particular facility venue; therefore, preventing more than one event being scheduled at the same time and same place.Also show game scores and summaries.

Clean, Intuitive User Interface:

The software will contain many features designed to help with organization and communication.It will be intuitive and very user friendly. The application will be designed to save time and promote efficiency throughout the entire athletic department.

Powerful Report Builders:

The software contains three comprehensive report builders. Multiple reports can be generated with game schedules, non game information, by facility, and by specific time periods. The number of unique reports that can be run is endless. Reports can be run with athlete information as well. These reports allow the coaches and athletic trainers to get to important information related to their athletes. Once a report has been generated the user can print, export to excel and export to a pdf.

User Level Access Control:

On the software level, We understand the need for different levels of access for coaches, administrators and secretaries. Our software will be controlled at the local level, allowing the district or university to have multiple users.

On the hardware level, we can utilize industry leading 256-bit SSL encryption and offsite backups to keep their data confidential and safe.

Other great features:

Equipment Tracking Feature: Each head coach can enter equipment and track athletes use,run reports, etc and even place equipment orders.

Purchasing Feature: Helps to simplify and keep the purchasing process and paperwork organized

Multiple Report Generators: Easy to use report builders for both games and athletes information

Internal Communication Features: A built-in internal email system. Admins can send mass emails or to individual emails. Also, athletic trainers can easily communicate with coaches regarding treatments and injuries and eligibility of students to participate in sports. Perhaps an internal email system.

Integrated Transportation: easily enter a bus request or even cancel a request. Organize transportation records, customize transport logs, transportation report builder.

Easy to use Control Panel to run the system: Administrative access at the local level designed for flexibility and district customization

Email Notifications: For schedule change notification, important athlete updates, parent/community updates, score & summary updates.

Mobile site: Ability to login to the software on a mobile device to pull up schedules, sign up for alerts, get directs to games, coaches can login and access data and for there's individual team (i.e. be able to click on a student and pull their basic information like age, full name, class grade, emergency contact information etc). Also the ability for the coaches to login and submit their game scores to that the league and the league administrators and we them.

I would to move forward using milestones but must you completely understand the whole project and can create an amazing software with a modern user-interface.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Skills: software-development

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