Big Project For

Big Project For


Job Description

I have a big project for the right programmer.
It involves:

a sophisticated comment/profile system with profile photos,
voting+ranking+trophy system,
adding images to certain albums/favorites,
following users and their uploads feed
profile lists organized by types and ranking,
leveling up various variables based on submitted work, captions, upvotes, & post likes
messaging system,
a comment style forum system
homepage with top images,videos,& most active forums
a voting for characters of the day script,
joke of the day script

and a couple of forms..

register/login/account forms,
upload images/video forms
upload to forums image/video forms,
contact us + advertise + request removal forms,
and a couple more smaller things

The site is - (has some ajax/cache issues that you should be able to fix when we start)

Not going to lie it's a a lot of work so i need someone who's
- Really quick
- Very experienced in all areas of ajax, php, & jquery, javascript,
- Very very neat with css placement
- Has plenty of experience doing the things I've mentioned,
- Preferably not working on any other projects at the moment as i need this done in 2-3 weeks.
- No plugins for anything except backend control
- Be able to make everything backwards/cross browser compatible with older versions of FF, Opera, Safari, and IE 7, IE 8,
don't care about anything earlier than IE 7.
- Understands that half this project is the the visual appeal and speed of the site.
- You don't have to be good at speaking English but you have to be able to read/understand it 100 % and be able to skype call
for much more effective communication.

I'm easy to work with and will answer however many questions you have through out the process.

I attached an image of the comment system for a small part of the project,
when you contact me on skype i will show and explain all my needs so you can see if you can handle this project.

I'm looking for a long term partnership here, not a one project deal so be passionate about your work, be able to pay attention to every little detail of the project, and again not working on other projects as this will require your full attention and programmers that try to take on as many projects as they can annoy me.

I can pay in $100 segments as work is being done or halfway/end of project, your call.

So Again.. not working on any other project, speaks English, and can start right away.

hope to hear from some compatible contractors.

Skills: english, video

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