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Job Description

Hi -

Price listed is place holder. please input your bid. Bid should include a listing of steps and price of each and how much support your bid offers after the project is complete.

We want to create a new website for a niche market. It will be a free and paid directory.

- All user should be able to input business name, website, phone number, hours and a brief descriptions of their products and services

Paid advertisers will have a monthly recurring fee, or a once a year discounted fee. Members will can sign up as companies and/or individuals. Their needs to be a blog for each user to post what they want and other to leave comments. There will also be a paid, self-service press release directory option as well. It should have the functionality of allowing paid members to:
- add logos
- add social network links for their own social accounts
- choose product categories from a predefined list
- enter a company bio and corporate money profile
- post press releases for new products and announcements

Eventually I want the site work like this site:

We want the site simple and attractive and very easy for both the advertiser to input their site/store and product information and also very easy for the online shopper/user to see what they need.

The site will cater to one product (item) that has about one-hundred or so flavors/types (medical marijuana) and then there is also doctors offices and related businesses that would want to sign up as well. It would be nice if they could also come back and update which of the product they have in stock now as some of hte products are seasonal

After the site is running, the site will next need to go on a mobile app, and all paid advertisers will need to be found on a "map" function using mobile devices, so that's when the "in stock now" feature will be helpful to paid advertisers

Example Sites that cater to this market now are:

To Apply:
1) Have experience with creating a site like this
2) send examples of live sites you've created
3) include name the platform you recommend using
4) include a "to do" list of the steps we would need to take together to get the site online.
5) provide estimate of timeframe for the steps, and an overall project timeline

I am more interested in having a functional site up and running ASAP. I will come back later and make it all "pretty". Functionality is key

please put "site" as the first word of you application