C# Developer with strong ASP.NET MVC4, HTML, CSS/LESS and JavaScript skills

C# Developer with strong ASP.NET MVC4, HTML, CSS/LESS and JavaScript skills


Job Description


I’m looking for a long term 100% workload cooperation with a very experienced, reliable and proactive .NET C# craftsman! You’re breathing this stuff. You love your job and you would like to get stuff done with me.

I prefer an all-rounder with a very solid background in object orient programming (especially in C#). You’re a craftsman, you’re proud of the code you write. You don’t necessarily indulge yourself in the newest hypes and components, just for the sake of it, but you don’t write crap which just somehow works. You think of the needs of your customer, first and foremost.

You may feel more comfortable developing the front end of a web (ASP.NET MVC) application. But if you look at the code of EFMVC (http://efmvc.codeplex.com/) you understand all layers of this application.

Your must skills are:
- You’re an experienced object-oriented test-driven C# and JavaScript craftsman who gets stuff done!
- You know ASP.NET MVC 4. You know what bundles are and how they may break things. You used asynchronous and generic controllers or at least you know how and why. And writing own HtmlHelpers is old news to you!
- HTML5 and CSS/LESS are not the love of your life, but you still do that stuff very well. You’ve written LESS styles, compiled them, you know your HTML and know the browser pitfalls.
- JavaScript and jQuery are your partners in crime and Ajax.BeginForm() or the jQuery Form plugin is the way most of your forms communicate with your controllers. You $(‘#life’) by the balls;)

You should know:
- Telerik Kendo UI (especially the “Complete for ASP.NET MVC” version)
- KnockoutJS (maybe even knockoutmvc.com)
- Entity Framework 4 with Code First on existing models (maybe even with dotConnect for Oracle)
- How to localize your JavaScripts (and of course the rest of the MVC application)

In your daily work:
- You use NUnit and know how to mock (not coworkers, but interfaces). You maybe even worked with JustMock.
- You know what JIRA is and SVN/GIT is not a stranger to you.

As I said: I’m looking for a long term partnership and most probably an expansion of our work team in the future. Your workload, your rate and area of responsibility will depend on your skill, your dedication and reliability.

What I’m looking for right now:
- Someone who’s willing to solve a test exercise (ca. 2-6h depending on your know-how) in a timely manner.
- Someone who’s able to work 50-100% in the next 3-4 weeks (you get a Christmas break – if that’s what you want).

Русскоговорящие желательно, но не обязательно из Киева, Москвы/Подмосковья или Челябинска предпочитаются.

можно и желательно отвечать на русском.

Skills: .net, mvc, test