CSS Designer / PHP development Rockstar Wanted

CSS Designer / PHP development Rockstar Wanted


Job Description

For a project we're working on, we need a developer with top-notch CSS/HTML/JavaScript skills as welll as PHP development skills.
We also need the developer to have good working knowledge of WordPress.

* We want some of our forms and widgets to be skinned and made really good looking.

* We have some css work already done, we would need the developer to take over the design and support it as needed.

* Our software is installed on client sites. The html/css design needs to fit in on a Wordpress page. Each client can have their own wordpress theme. Any CSS/Design work done by the developer needs to work on all themes consistently.

* The css / html needs to work on Wordpress pages without sidebar (page using 'NO sidebar' template) as well as pages with sidebar. It needs to resize automatically.

* We should be able to just switch the CSS and the entire look and feel of form/widget/page should change completely. That's how you need to help our programmers develop it. So you should help us modify our HTML-table-depending layouts to CSS-based layouts

* We need you to design the CSS for a shopping cart - the css should have different layouts which upon switching should take on a different look & feel.

So obviously, you need great CSS as well as design skills as well as PHP and wordpress skills to understand and support the application.

If you think you're a good fit for this, please respond with your portfolio as soon as possible.

Skills: design