Camtasia + Audacity Expert for Producing HD Video Content

Camtasia + Audacity Expert for Producing HD Video Content


Job Description


We're looking for an audio/video expert that is able to help us editing both audio tracks and video tracks and then producing the final 1080p video for us.

We are making over 80 video's (ecommerce related), so this is a long term job role and as each video should be rendered in full 1080p HD video (1920x1080) decent computer specifications are needed.

We'll provide:
1. The audio track
2. The video track recorded in camtasia format
3. Slide images
4. Guidance & support as needed

We need you to do the following:
1. Edit the audio track to remove ums, errs etc... and improve the sound quality
2. Match the audio track to the video track and edit the video track as needed
3. Add in an introduction (provided, it's just a slide!) and use any of the slides if needed (this speeds up the product time)
4. Render as low resolution video for sign off
5. Render the video as full HD

We've done this ourselves, so are expecting for a 15 minute video and sound recording, double the time to make each part, so 30 minutes for the audio, 30 minutes for the video and then ~15 mins extra to render the low resolution version for review.

English should be your native language and we will be relying upon you to make editorial decisions on what to include and what not to.

An example if the video content you'll be creating for us is here

To apply for this job:
1. Give at least one example of your recent work
2. Include "Howdy" in your application so we know you've read the above job specification :)
3. Give details of your computer specifications

If you have any questions, just ask and we are looking for an hourly rate at or under $5 an hour or to pay $0.50 per render minute of the final video.

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