Can you build and market a website that sells product?

Can you build and market a website that sells product?


Job Description

I don't know what type of web voodoo I need. SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, social media, content generation, pay per click, google adds . . . honestly, I just want someone who can create web sales and I'm willing to pay more for actual sales.

The successful candidate will get free reign to manage my website in whatever way he or she sees fit to create actual sales of product. Use any web sales technique in your arsenal, change the website if you'd like, put in as much time as you want, heck, use actual voo-doo if you like. I don't care what you do as long as it is legal, ethical, and creates sales.

You tell me (as part of the interview process) what are reasonable performance benchmarks to expect at 3 months, 9 months, 12 months (and so on). As long as you exceed your benchmarks, you will retain the right to sell this product.

Your compensation will be 10% of everything you sell on the web (including recurring charges from clients brought in from the website). THERE WILL BE NO HOURLY AMOUNT PAID AND NO FIXED PRICE PAID - I AM ONLY WILLING TO PAY FOR ACTUAL SALES.

If you put in 5 hours and create a site that is ugly but somehow generates $10,000 in sales a month, I'll happily cut you a check for $1,000 a month as long as it keeps bringing in sales.

Here's the website as it currently is:

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter