Client-Side Tumblr Login Script

Client-Side Tumblr Login Script


Job Description

I need a script which can login into Tumblr and allow the user to interact with the site. As of now I can easily accomplish this on the server side with PHP curl but once a user tries to interact with the site it fails because the cookie was set by the server.

Basically the script needs a place for me to enter username and password then with a click of the button it should log into Tumblr. I have accomplished this with other sites using Javascript and sending a form post but Tumblr has form elements that are populated in realtime when the page is loaded.

So I am assuming what would need to be done is:

- Invisibly load tumblr and set cookie for browser while also scraping the newly generated form elements
- Send login form post with the same cookie and the scraped form elements.

I am also open to any other ways to accomplish this. Please give a brief explanation of how you feel you'd accomplish the task with your reply. If no details specific to this job are present your reply will be ignored.

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