Client journal system

Client journal system


Job Description

(this is a repost with new working terms)
We are looking into the possibility of creating our own client journal system.
It has to be build up in wordpress as plugins. And it should be possible for us to sell plugins to other clinics on separate wordpress installations on different servers.

The plugin should be able to contain all clients (former and present) and it should be able to have multiple staff members working on the journal system at the same time.

As we are doing detoxification for our clients, we need one plugin that have medicine doses for every day. The medicine module is quite complex as the logged in staff has to click "dispense" on the clients medicine and after this the dose given to the client should be deducted from the inventory (total medicine in the clinic). The medicine module also have to have the capability to create detoxification plans for each client for multiple medicines at the same time.

It has to be accessible from the internet, with the possibility to only allow specific IP addresses. The website has to be in https:// to protect data. It should be accessible only thru login.

So the medicine module has to have:
inventory of all medicine in the clinic
inventory of all medicine given to each client
creation of separate detoxification plans for each client (with multiple doses every day)
log of which staff gave medicine to which client (should be in the clients log)
An indicator in the client list that this client is overdue for his medicine that is shown in the list of clients for easy overview.

The journal module should have:
list of present clients
search function for clients (former and present)
Personal journal (attached each client)
A shared journal for the clinic as a whole
A list of Staff members with all their details
List of relatives with all details
List of business partners with all details
An document upload and folder for all clients separately

The Attendee modul should have
10 chekpoints during the day the client will get a attended or not attended
This will result in a list of clients projected in html5 on the infoboard in the afternoon.
The attendance statistics should be visible within the clients profile at all times.
It should be a very simple radiobutton for each custom created criteria. Like get out of bed, eat breakfirst, attend the daily walk, attend groupmeeting.
The admin of the website will be creating these custom fields.

The room list should have
A simple list of room numbers with the clients names and room numbers.
With lables to print out for the room signs 15 cm X 10 cm

The Levels of rights
The whole site will be administered by SUPER admin. And the different rehabcenters will get an account from where they will be able to use the site to their needs. The rehab admin will be creating customfields, and staff. Staff will be able to create clients. Clients can not login.

The rehabcenters will pay per client in their center per day one time each month. So there should be a way to count client days for invoice.

The possibility to add more than one clinic (in case of more clinics in same organization) just at category of with department the client is connected to.

The client view should be build by the clinic it self with form builder. In that way they can create custom fields for clinic, that is shown in all clients. There should off course be some default fields (name, ID number, address, phone, arrival date, departure date, type of treatment, medicine, staff assigned)

The data entry should be very simple and intuitive for the staff. The admin should control all information end be able to add custom fields and clinic data.

I have made a very crude layout of the look and feel here http//

I want the modules to be on the website and work as a service to the users that don't want to do an installation them selves. But the plugins also have to be sold separately from a repository with activation codes and update subscriptions.

Are you able to create such plugins?

The budget is USD 3000 and it must not be exceeded.