Code reviewing a codebase

Code reviewing a codebase


Job Description

The task: You are going to get access to a codebase for a small project, written in Java and Google App Engine. The codebase also includes a few web pages written in JSP, and a little bit of JQuery/Javascript.

Your task is to review the code and tell me what I am doing "wrong" in terms of coding style. For example, I put too much Java code within the JSP pages, a practice that I know to be bad. However, I do not know what I am supposed to do. Similarly, I build a lot of web API calls by manually editing the web.xml file, while there are frameworks that make this task easier. However, I do not know how to use these frameworks, or how to put them in Google App Engine.

Your feedback is meant to be educational, and the task is a short one: You should not spend more than a few hours on this. It is ideal for people that have good experience in building Google App Engine apps with Java backend, and a JSP/Javascript/JQuery front end, as they will be able to finish the task very quickly.

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