Complete Web Design - no PHP backend

Complete Web Design - no PHP backend


Job Description

We are interested in having a website designed (not developed) that is very similar in complexity and functionality to either or You must have reviewed these websites entirely for their layout and functionality prior to responding to this request.

Your task would be to accomplish all of the web DESIGN to include any css, javascript, html, xhtml, wordpress, jquery etc. required to create the look, feel and functionality of a website similar to or This includes all dynamic functionality, pop ups, transitions etc.

We will do all of the web DEVELOPMENT to include the linkages back to our database so that is not your task. You may need to be familiar with php and MySQL in order to design the website that will be easily integrated with our database.

We will also do all of the custom images, videos, and text, so that is not your task.

We know we want a website that is similar in layout and functionality with or however we also have some unique features we would substitute in some areas as we go. So we need a designer that is flexible and responsive to change.

Excellent English is a must. Your application should reference or and discuss any complexities associated with designing those websites. If your application does not address these example websites or ask appropriate questions it will not be considered. We're looking for someone who is easy to work with, creative, and responsive to small changes.

This will be a milestone based project and you will be paid for each build of the design until it is complete. The expected price for all design work in this project is $300-$500. Please provide your total cost and expected time to complete the first build and we will choose the best technical applicant at the lowest cost.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Skills: design, english