Complete a game almost done (C++ marmalade)

Complete a game almost done (C++ marmalade)


Job Description


We had been working with a game development company on "An Idiot Hero", a 2D graphic adventure game (Monkey Island, The day of the tentacle, etc.) already published at iTunes for iPad/Spanish:

Unfortunately, that game company has closed its office and we are looking for a partner which:

- Fix current issues in published game (not too many).
- Add other languages (English, French, etc.) to the game. We already have translations and it could be done by loading and excel file.
- Released iPhone and Android versions of the game (we will provide all the graphics needed based on your requirements).
- If everything goes well, we can create new episodes by using same code and loading new scripts (excel file) so benefits could be shared with you.

Game has been done by C++ (marmalade) and we will provide current code.

Thanks un advance.
Dario Sanchez.

Skills: ipad, android-development, benefits