Complex Server Customisation (Zend Server, Plesk)

Complex Server Customisation (Zend Server, Plesk)


Job Description


This is attempt #2 - please only apply if, after reading the requirements, you are certain you possess the skills.

The first contractor gave it an admirable effort and got close but could not resolve a last few dependency issues.

I have a dedicated vritual account at Media Temple and am looking for someone to install some complex, I repeat, complex, customisation.

Currently Plesk 11, Mysql 5.1 and Php 5.35 on Centos.

Now plesk automatically upgrades etc, being tightly integrated with package management, so the customisation will likely require some compilation, to avoid breaking every time dependencies shift. Or, you'll need to permanently resolve those dependency issues.

The end goal is:

1) Mysql 5.5
2) Zend Server CE, avoiding the conflicts that arise with Plesk.
3) PHP 5.38 OR higher but NOT 5.4 at this point. Must be an apache mod install. This can be done with the Zend Server CE auto install script but only if you can resolve the dependency issues that will arise.
4) A solid list of php extensions, including imagick and mcrypt (complete list will be supplied)
5) Plesk in place as it to begin.

This isn't simple. I have done some research and found some useful resources and pointers - so you'll have fairly clear help, assuming it's accurate. Note: the help is just pointers, it is not to be followed verbatim. ie: If one example installs 5.4 in parallel with the Php attached to Plesk - that the version sits outside the above parameters.

To get things to work well with Plesk, might require two versions of php to be installed, the one with plesk currently and the one via zend. If the path you choose, is to have one FastCGI version of php and one apache module, then the Plesk Php should be the FastCGI version. Whatever approach you take, the Zend Server Php version must be as an Apache Mod install.

Have you done anything customised similarly?

I will want successful applicants to examine the setup then provide an estimate re the number of hours required. If this estimate is exceeded, I'll be fine - if you get it working.

I will then provided SSH and Plesk access and a bunch of articles and links to assist.

If, on examination, you believe this configuration is simply not possible, feel free to discuss alternatives. I use Zend Studio and have CE on my local dev server, so am hoping to be able to manage the production server in a similar vein.

Please only apply if you really think you can manage this.

To the successful applicant/s - there will be more work in 2013. Ultimately I hope to find applicants toward a longer term collaboration.

Kind Regards,

Skills: apache, research, management