Comprehensive Web Software Tester & Usability Expert

Comprehensive Web Software Tester & Usability Expert


Job Description

I'm looking for someone that can do several things that will ultimately help organize and improve my website structure and usability.

The following tasks will be required:

1. Review and audit PHP code to create simple technical documentation.

This person will first need to review the PHP code and look at the structure of the files and folders. Basically they will audit the code from the point of view from a new developer who is in charge of adding new features to the site.

So you will need to ask questions about the code (these can and will be answered by another developer who has worked in the code extensively).

Once you have that info you will create a simple doc that will explain the files and folder structure (the site is done using MVC architecture, however, the naming conventions used are not the standard model, view, that will need some fixing).

The doc will be simple but detailed enough so someone with limited technical experience can install the CMS on another site.

2. How the site works documentation

Next you would create 2 documents on how the site works and how to use the site: 1) How the customer uses the site and 2) How the admin uses the site.

This could be simple as well and the basics of how the site is used would be enough. Then any further details could be filled in later on by myself or you depending on our agreement.

3. Improve usability of site

Now based on the knowledge you've gained from the first 2 points above you will create some suggests on how to improve the site usability. Most importantly from the customer standpoint but also from the admin standpoint as well.

I will be adding new features to the site and based on your learned knowledge from how the site works you will give suggestions on what best technologies to use.

So ultimately, this person will need to have a good grasp of web technologies ie. php, mysql, jquery, ajax, html, css. And more importantly they would need a good eye to improve usability.

This job will be full-time and would probably last for a few months. If you feel you're a good fit, please send me your details and some examples of sites you have worked on to improve usability and/or created techical documentation for.

Skills: mvc

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