Job Description

Phase I – E-commerce solution platform selection

To be clear, this project is NOT for a bid on the actual implementation of a project but instead for consulting on the business model and major implementation pieces – i.e. a Project Plan

This is the initial phase of an ecommerce based business solution -- web site implementation, integration with as a client database and CSR resource along with some integration with a virtual PBX solution for CSR personnel.

The solution is for a small startup firm that intends to grow to modest size in two years. None of the business processes are in place and the selection of software elements and features is a function of:
• specific product knowledge
• estimates/notions of implementation efficiency (cost)
• required compliance for data storage and processing of credit card information and the associated rules and regulation.

The product(s) and operation will initially be sold primarily in North America. There may be some international sales but all transactions must clear in US dollars. The successful bidder needs to understand and relate to the ecommerce paradigm and associated practices commonly use.

The project deliverable is several SKYPE based calls early in the activity to understand and further explain the business objectives and for the employer to question/participate/understand the issues that will lead to the eventual solution. In some sense this activity will be outlining the model for overall business operations. The final report will be a short document providing recommendations regarding ecommerce software and associated implementation and the rationale for those recommendations. The use of SalesForce software and how it will be used with the ecommerce platform for an overall solution needs to be discussed. Additionally the totality of the project should be laid out into discrete milestones for subsequent implementation contract bidding.

Bidders are encouraged to email any questions or engage in a SKYPE call with “AR_Mr-Bains” prior to the bid submittal.

Any reasonable solution is acceptable. However, based on the assumption that the web site would be a PrestoShop or Magento based solution, provide a list of recommended modules for purchase and site administration. Currently the idea is that the Group version of SalesForce would be used with each customer/client being considered an Account. Provide an opinion on that approach along with a recommendation for any additional modules to be used in

Internet domains have been acquired. If a private web site approach will be used, hosting services will be provided by for the web sites.

Ancillary Information -- see attached document for more details on project specifics.


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