Content Writer ( Customer Service, Project Management)

Content Writer ( Customer Service, Project Management)


Job Description

We need content writers who can write 10 articles / week, each article containing 500 words. Persons should have a technical background preferably with an MBA, and practical experience in any one of the following fields and must be able to produce spelling and grammar error free content which is plagiarism free. Pakistani freelancer, fresh grads of GIKI, NUST, FAST, UET, LUMS, COMSATS, IBA are encouraged to apply. Topics to be covered are

1. Customer Service
2. Managing Projects with MS Project
3. Sales and Marketing

While applying do follow the steps below

1. briefly explain your experience on the technology you have chosen to write
2. provide 3 sample articles, each article containing 500 words on your chosen technology
4. Give details of how many articles will u be able to produce in a week time.
4. How much you charge for each article, we usually pay 5 USD per article.

Instructions for Writing Sample articles

1. Assume that you are writing a book and each 500 word article is a topic in that book.

2. Do format the article with headings and titles

3. Think of a demo project or demo scenario and keep on writing on implementing it sequentially topic by topic. every article must be linked with previous and next topic

4. Don’t insert too many screen shot as screenshots donot count towards word count and thus payment. Don’t waste your time in inserting too many screenshots. Keep a balance between screenshots and text. Use screenshots where it is necessary to explain

5. Keep a balance between theory and practical. Discuss 40 % of theory and around 60 % of practical implementation of theory

6. Don’t automatically assume that your reader knows the background, explain every thing even it’s a very basic concept.

7. Feel free to copy material from certification hand books and websites but do spin it intelligently using “Manually assisted Spin “ of following article spinner

to avoid plagiarism detection.

8. Always check your article for plagiarism on , relevancy upto 7 % is reasonable.

9. Do try to think a project of your own, as it will help keeping you article unique.

10. always check your article for spelling and grammar errors on following website

Skills: grammar, marketing, management