Convert PSD files to Wordpress themes

Convert PSD files to Wordpress themes


Job Description

Our company provides ongoing quality web services (design, development, hosting, maintenance, support, & optimization) to construction companies and similar industries.

We are in need of a talented Wordpress / web developer who can convert PSD files into Wordpress themes quickly (10 to 15 hours at most) and accurately according to W3C standards. Additional Wordpress plugin development and content styling will also be required.

Not only that - but we are also looking for someone who responds quickly to emails and finishes work on time (or even ahead of time). We are a rare breed of company that actually cares about making sure we give our clients exactly what we promise, or better. It's how we stay in business - and it's how our staff members stay employed! :-)

We have a couple salary options available to choose from:

- The first option is receive a flat $150 for each site you code, paid in full upon completion and client approval. This option is great for those who would prefer a short-term / temporary position to make some quick money.

- The second option is to be paid a flat 10% residual of income generated by clients we assign to you. This amount ranges from $20 to $100 per month for each site you code & manage. Our clients agree to a 1-year commitment, so you can expect to receive around $240 to $1,200 per year for each site you do. This option is ideal for those wishing to transition into something longer term where the income continually builds.

The salary option you choose is totally up to you. Please let us know what you prefer when you apply.

This position ALSO includes an additional $50/month flat rate just to help us with the corporate site as needed. There's not a lot of work to do - we're almost finished coding our new design, and need a little help finishing that up. Then from there it'll just be minor tweaks / improvements and general solution consulting.

PLEASE apply with examples of your work, and explain what your responsibility was in each sample. Also please let us know what payment arrangement you prefer.

Skills: design

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