Convert all my notes into a fancy eMagazine (Christian)

Convert all my notes into a fancy eMagazine (Christian)


Job Description

I have an assortment of notes, quotes and paragraphs that I have both hand written and typed up over many years - Now its time to turn them into a book/magazine

I am especially looking for a creative print layout designer with a good taste of modern typography to take my assortment of notes and combine them along with accompanying pictures and graphics in a non-traditional way to end up with a nice 8.5x11 PDF document about 30 pages with perhaps 7 or 8 different templates
I will provide all the notes.

I want the document to be very majestic and breathtaking in appearance - it will be more of a eMagazine

I will give you much guidance and material for inspiration but I also need you to be experienced in this work.

In your proposal please DON'T WRITE A LOT - just send me link to where I can see your previous works of this nature
(I will be needed much more work of this nature - so qualifying contractors can expect it)

Skills: pdf, layout-design, ebooks

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