Craigslist style site with geo/zipcode based searching

Craigslist style site with geo/zipcode based searching


Job Description

Building a Craigslist type site, user submit things to sell, user ratings, and search for posts near you based only on zipcode and distance. I have a complete html mock up of every page, looking for someone to build it out or to assist in building it out.

Your requirements are that you build it in ether Ruby on Rails(Ruby), Yii(PHP), Symfony2(PHP). I am willing to consider other frameworks if you can make a case for them, however code igniter is not a option. I don't expect perfect code but I do expect that you follow the basic concepts of the framework we settle on, keep the data in models, views in the views etc. Drupal is also a acceptable option if the price is right.

Everyone who contacts me here will get a link to the html wire frame, after you review I expect a time frame and a quote. I am looking for 'acceptable' quality at the lowest cost. A long term relationship is possible with my company if work is done well.

I will add that no design is required for this job, 100% programming.

Skills: craigslist, design