Create 3-D Product Views and Color Options

Create 3-D Product Views and Color Options


Job Description

I have product photos and concepts which need to be presented in 3-D views, with color adjustments made.

The first project I need is a simple color adjustment on this napkin display --

You see that the color scheme on the tray that holds the product is black with multi-color lettering. I need the tray to be changed to white, with a similar multi-color lettering that looks nice.

On the second page, you see that there is a display with the 4 stacks of the trays of napkins. I need all of those trays to be the same format as the new tray (white background, multi-colored lettering. In addition, I need a pallet added to the bottom of that display, similar to the last picture on the attachment, which already has a pallet.

This initial task is very simple, but I am also looking for someone that can create product packaging and 3-D displays of products like this, using simple 2-D pictures. You would be able to create the tray and pallet views of this product, using the single picture of the napkin package. If you have examples of similar work, please share them.

Thank you.

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