Create MVC 4 C# Razor Template Files

Create MVC 4 C# Razor Template Files


Job Description


I'm looking for a talented front-end developer who can create appropriate Razor files / HTML / CSS / jQuery from a series of provided Adobe Photoshop PSD files and c# ViewModel classes which will contain all relevant data for the page. You will also need to be able to program functionality in jQuery, such as validation, autocomplete AJAX requests, UI effects, etc.

I will need clear examples of work you have recently completed.

I will need examples of:

- Good clean compliant HTML/CSS
- Best practice code reuse. Use of layouts, bundles, partial views,etc
- Clean jQuery, written in a modular way. Unobtrusive javascript.
- javascript templating
- mobile ready websites

The ideal candidate would also have experience developing with
- responsive design
- progressive enhancement
- mobile friendly / specific design