Create an Ext JS web application

Create an Ext JS web application


Job Description


Bryntum is a small JavaScript software company creating web based scheduling components (Gantt charts) for use in any web page or web application. For testing of our products, we use our home-built tool Siesta ( To see how Siesta works, please try it out here:

We have a quite large test suite already, but we would like our community to be able to contribute and easily submit their bug reports as test cases, using a new web application “Code Cowboy”.


The mission is to create a web based application for crowd sourced test case submission. A “test case” means a Siesta test case. These test cases will be stored in a database and users can run the tests in the Application.

The UI has to be built in Ext JS 3 or 4, and has to work in bad browsers (IE7+), and all good browsers. Code should be commented, well formatted, readable and written using Ext JS best practices (1 class per file etc).

Some type of good JavaScript code editor needs to be used (web based). Suggest to use ACE Editor (

The backend should be PHP, Python or Ruby. Database should be MySQL.
You are allowed to use 3rd party products to solve this task, though any product included must have a very permissive license such as Apache, BSD or MIT.

To be considered for this job, we need to know a bit about your JavaScript and Ext JS skills. Please send us the answers to the attached quiz if you want to apply for this position.


Code delivery

We are going to use GitHub and open source this project. All files should contain a Bryntum Copyright © notice in the top of the file. We’ll be using this repo:

Full spec:

Skills: test

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