Create ant script compilation, unit test and packaging setup

Create ant script compilation, unit test and packaging setup


Job Description

We are creating a product compilation and deployment setup. We have to create a product compilation, package creation, unit test running setup. Product will have 2 types.
1. Master product.
2. Worker product.

Master product works as an admin and provides users access to web console. It also runs mysql server.
Master product will run as master/slave mode. When we install master product we install apache, php pages, mysql, master jar, cassandra and scripts. We also create slave mysql backup.

In worker product we install worker app jar, scripts, cassandra db.

This task requires knowledge of ant, packaging, unix/python scripting.

Create a directory structure and add junit.
Create two products master and slave. This you can do by simply creating and
Put the ant script to compile and make 2 products.
when you compile ant script starts the junit test suite. Generate report how many failed/succeeded.
Create a test python script and run that as part of ant compilation.
Add debian packaging using ant.
When you run the package install the product.
run the apps under inittab.

In a network there will be master product running on one node and worker running on multiple nodes.

Skills: test, unix, apache

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