Cross platform iOS Android development

Cross platform iOS Android development


Job Description

*** Not looking for agencies and focusing on Eastern Europe as we already have a base in Asia. We are a competent development organization with several established products and very specific needs. Talented individual contributors from other countries may be considered if you are an excellent fit for the job ****

We have a family of apps spanning iOS and Android platforms. All of our apps are universal bundles designed for tablets and mobile devices. We currently use Cocos2D on some of our applications and are looking to consolidate our codebases. Expectation is that core business logic components will be abstracted to C, C++ with a thin hardware abstraction layer that is platform specific.

iOS code will generally be a combination of Objective-C, and Android Code will use Java wrappers and JNI around C++ core components.

Additionally our apps include in-app shopping carts and e-commerce systems, Social sharing systems (Twitter, Facebook) etc.. Are multi-lingual and need to be able to easily extend to support country specific sharing systems and payement systems (android)

We are looking for independents (not teams or organizations) as we already have a working team and methodology that we are hoping to extend globally.

We are also targeting Ukraine and Eastern Europe to compliment our existing Asia development teams.

You can review some of our applications at

We are looking for both developers and architects to help us with coding tasks and code review.

Communication and documentation skills are important.

We use Git, continuous integration tools, crucible/fisheye for code review, confluence for documentation, and jira for issue tracking. Developers working with us are expected to use our tools as part of the process.

Skills: twitter, facebook