Custom Wordpress Plugin Needed

Custom Wordpress Plugin Needed


Job Description

I am working with a theme that I Purchased from Theme Forest. This theme has it's own types of categories, sub-categories and articles. They all function much like Wordpress categories, posts and pages do, but I believe their data is held in different database tables.

This is what I would need for the plugin to accomplish;

1. Get information from a .zip file from a specified url or RSS feed containing an XML representation of that sites content. The plugin will then need to parse this file and insert it's content into my site and allow me to set a time interval in which to update my site with new content from said .zip file (i.e. every hour, every 5 hours, every 24 hours, etc...) or simply being able to update it manually would also be fine. When updating, the plugin would need to ignore duplicate content and only add new content to my site.

2. Create menu categories and sub-categories within the theme based on the XML files menu structure.

3. Create articles within the theme for each item in the XML file.

3. Create a thumbnail screenshot of the websites found in the XML file (using ShrinkTheWeb plugin or similar) and set it as the featured image for the corresponding article within theme.

4. Place static content (I will write the static content to be placed) in each theme article with my affiliate links for the corresponding website throughout the article, as well as a call to action button at the bottom of the article with my affiliate link for the corresponding website.

5. Automatically create tags for each article corresponding to the current category and sub-category.

6. Automatically tag an article with certain tags depending on certain criteria found in the XML file or website.

7. Automatically create taxonomies, criteria and meta fields within the theme for each corresponding article.

I believe these 7 key features should be sufficient enough to place a proper bid on this project. I have obviously left vital information out, but will share the specifics of my project with the developers that are interested in assisting me.

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to leave a bid and contact me with all of your questions.

Thank you,