Custom Wordpress Website - API's - PHP - HTML - MYSQL - JQUERY - RELATED

Custom Wordpress Website - API's - PHP - HTML - MYSQL - JQUERY - RELATED


Job Description

****If you cannot commit at least 4 hours per day to this project – Please Do Not Apply!!*****

I am looking for someone who is comfortable configuring API’s, creating custom wordpress plugins, Experience with PSD to wordpress, installing and integrating buddypress along with custom features I want added, and other misc similar tasks.
Please do not apply for this job if you do not have the experience to complete it quickly, efficiently, and clean.
Concept – Visit our website and purchase stickers and decals we sell. Every decal can be customized with fotoflexer (which you will have to integrate), and be added to the customers cart. Very few features must be added to fotoflexer, only the option to choose your background shape (circle, square, oval, etc…).
If you are seriously considering this job, please visit fotoflexers website and check out the customAPI page. Be sure it is something you can handle before applying for this job. Keep in mind, you will have to add the functionality to change the shape of the sticker, and be able to rebrand the editor with custom psd layouts I will create for it.

People must also be able to upload their own images and vectors to the website for purchase by other people. When they upload an image, they earn a percentage each time it sells. You will be responsible for creating the script that tells people when they have earned money, add a “Cash Out With PayPal” button, and other misc functions dealing with this. We must customize the uploading experience from the current “New Product” woocommerce page to a custom one. We want the users to enter a title, and featured image as normal, but we also need them to upload the actual .ai vector art, as well as have a random SKU created for that item and have it saved in a database with that SKU.

Buddy press will be installed on the site mainly for two reasons. The advanced profiles and chat system, along with the forums. The forums must look professional and have a custom feal. I will do a lot in the way of creating the custom look and supplying you with PSD files. On a users “Profile” page we will have a custom activity stream that includes when items of theirs have sold, etc…

I also need a custom navigation menu installed. It must have the same functionality as my current wordpress menu, in the way that I can change it frequently and easily with the regular wordpress menus.
There is a custom sidebar nav to be hardwired in but is very simple including only a few PSD icons and links to other pages.

I have social sharing icons I want installed on the left side of the page. They must stay stationary while users scroll down the page (just like you see on websites all the time, except I have an active state set of PSD’s I want you to use that has a very nice look when hovered over).

You will have to create three social login buttons. One for google, twitter, and facebook. You must create all the accounts with these sites and you are responsible for setting it up from start to finish. I have the PSD picked out for this as well, it’s a simple matter of you creating the accounts, and coding it into the site.
You will also be responsible for an extremely clean install and integration of paypal express into my website. I have the accounts all setup, you just have to install the API (I already have an SSL installed)
The are other very minor issues to be worked on, such as removing the borders of images in the gallery, and changing the footer, etc… Very simple stuff compared to the rest of what you will be doing.
All components of this website must run clean. I am requesting an absolute minimum score of 85 on

The designer of this website will earn 5% of all earnings for the first year. Please keep that in mind when bidding, as I would expect that to be no less than $50/Month for 12 months starting once the website is finished. You will also be able to give affiliate links with a higher percentage earned than any other link, earning 12% of all referrals sales.

Skills: twitter, paypal