Customization of Drupal module

Customization of Drupal module


Job Description


First of all, this job is only for those are having some extraordinary knowledge about Drupal and it's Modules & Php. Please Do not apply if you are new in this field.

***It is important that this job is based on hourly payment, but there is a budget for this & we can't pay you for half of your job. It is need to be completed. Even 99% works can make it unusable! This is for a commercial website & will maintain more than 20M peoples account in a Binary 50/50 system.

Title: A Multilevel Binary 50/50 System.

The Modules: There is a module at for Multilevel Binary 50/50 system. You can find it at- You can customize it to fulfill our features OR, can create a complete new one. To be honest, you may need to add 60-80% more codes in the current module to fulfill our desire, but still you have a frame to work on!

Compatibility: Drupal Version- 7x, Drupal Commerce, Modules -(Userpoints, Rules, Views, admin Menu, Referral, invite). It must be able to keep all the data of each user individually & collectively on behalf of the company. Should have several level permissions to manage the information of the people & who can view what types of info of which class people. Once again, there can be more than 20Million People, so think of the database length it will use! I don't mean the size, but the performance & waiting time.

Key Features We Need:
1--->Multilevel Tree View of accounts( From Company & customer view)
2--->Binary 50/50 Matching
3--->Commissions on each level
4--->Level restriction
5--->Incentives on each achievements
6--->Different grouping system. i.e- 20 cycles make 1 group. 5 group earns $500


We have a product that will cost a user $80 (we will create this product through Drupal Commerce). Any user buy this product will automatically add to the Affiliate commission System. Each time any user add his name in reference, he will get a certain commission (Through userpoint). Now, there will be 1(Home owner),2 (direct referenced), 4 (2nd level), 8 (3rd level), 16 (4th level) people level by level. I will ask you to make this level changeable, so we can make it 4 to 6-8. When a user refer a user directly another, he will open his new and, every two (2) hand makes the first level. So if there 6 people directly refer one single guy, that guy will have 3 1st level. This are called parallel cycle. Commission on each level will be made only if a guy complete his level by filling two people on each hand. Commission amount should be changeable.

Now, when a people complete his cycle (2/4/8/16 people down his hand) will get a certain amount commission & there is a bonus to be added each time he match something we have listed. i.e. after his 1st cycle he will get +$50 bonus each time he add new parallel cycle. After 3 parallel cycle he will get +$500, after 8 parallel cycle $800 & to be continued (You have to set the Rules, can be using Rules module)

Conclusion: The product we are selling to each people will give a chance to multiple people to have some commission from it. So we are calling it MLM( Multilevel Marketing). There are level restriction & fixed level commission on certain level. Some criteria make people to earn extra bonus points. All we are looking for is a streaming downline commission system with some parallel joining awards to people.

*****Please note that, we are posting this job on hourly base, just to know the estimation of time to complete & the budget. So the time & your rate you will ask me, I will multiple it & on your completion I will pay you the full amount. For anyone living in BD, UK and USA can also meet me in person to understand the module features completely

SM Tanveer