Customization of a WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

Customization of a WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


Job Description

I'd like to get a custom change made to the "Nimble" theme by Elegant Themes (

As it is, the homepage of this theme displays five different areas:

1) Header/Slider
2) Page excerpts (white bg)
3) Recent post excerpts (grey bg)
4) Portfolio items (white bg)
5) Pricing table (dark grey bg)

I love the design, but I don't want to be constricted to exactly those pre-defined page elements.

I'd like to have a new page template that can be selected in the WordPress editor which emulates the homepage style, but lets me define div classes for white background, grey background and dark grey background sections, including all the styling that comes with them.

End result: I can create a page in the page editor and add any type of content I want, in any of the sections, in any order, simply by wrapping the sections in div tags or in short codes or whatever works best.

In addition, I want to add a video to the slider section. Ideally, the slider section should also accept custom content.

Please respond to this job posting specifically and not with a generic web-design or WP customization reply.

Clean coding and good work required.

Skills: design