Customized Design Software

Customized Design Software


Job Description

we are a company that are working with steel party doors and windows profiles for manufactures and also working with developing software for this purpose. we are now about to develop a easy to use cad software for our dealers and sales staff on the field. this software is meant to be an easy to use cad module that lets the dealers/ sales staff to sketch a door/window party with its accessories and make a quote for the end costumer. the cad drawing should only include measures, material type, accessories and demonstration for the quote. if the end costumer place an order then this data is used as a base for our engineers when they drawing in or main cad systems for more detailed drawings and manufacturing plans. we have a main cad software today but it is complicated for the sales staff to use as its includes way more functions and complexity then needed for only quoting and gathering the base information for eventual further processing by engineers. our question is; are you able, have the correct skills, some technical understanding and feel safe to develop a cad software that can manage this? (we prefer c# code but if you feel safer in other languages it up to you) please look at attached examples and videos for getting an understanding of what we are looking for. (focus mainly on the cad development as this is the most complex bit of programming. the rest is only data processing from the outcome of the cad drawing and is easy to program.) we have our own programming staff with well understanding of how to communicate with your programmers. if you feel safe about this then pleas estimate approximately your price range for a cad module as this is the complex bit.

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Skills: design, drawing, video