Data scraping script/site

Data scraping script/site


Job Description

I need a script, that will mine data from about 10-15 websites. The script should use curl for mining and simulate a web browser. Should be done in PHP and MySQL.
this is a long term job, I will not only pay you to develop this script, but also monthly to make sure the script works fine and collects the data as it should. So you will the money coming for a few months at least, if everything goes well then even more.
I need your quote to be for creating a scraping script for 10 sites and then a separate quote about monthly maintenance (without hosting) just maintenance to make sure it works fine.

again you will be dealing with a bunch of data, in mysql it will be a few columns (under 10) but within a month it will be over 100k rows

please do not spam me with a bunch of links you created, or other sites that i dont care about and do not have anything to do with this project. in the first line of your application say miner, and then just give me 1 sample of what you have mined and how you constructed the DB (this can be the structure) and your prices.

do NOT pay attention to this budget, it is just a number, give your own price

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