Design Character for Person

Design Character for Person


Job Description

I would like you to design an illustrated character version of me. My goal is to use this illustrated character on various websites that I use, sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub. Because these sites use profile images at various sizes, I would like you to make your designs in vector graphics (e.g., Illustrator) and your designs should look good at multiple sizes (30x30, 100x100, 1024x1024, etc.). I may want various customizations for different websites, for example, an oDesk t-shirt for an oDesk profile. I have about 10 photos of myself, and can give a short description of myself (or have a brief chat) so you can get an idea of what I am like.

To apply, please answer the following question:

"What is the most interesting character you have designed, and why was it interesting?"

(Your answer can be a few sentences, but feel free to go into detail if you like.)

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