Design a Forex mentoring website with members area.

Design a Forex mentoring website with members area.


Job Description

The front-end of the website will be designed like but with same color as Better design will be appreciated, perhaps a blend of the 2.

It must be standard and simple and must not look crappy. The members area must look exactly like FX Open members area especially the menu style at the left. Apply and request for the login details to see the inner structure if you have interest in the project.

You will take care of the images to add beauty to the front-end of the website and also add dynamic forex quotes where possible. I will give you contents and we will work together for success.

People can sign up on the website and automatically become affiliates on my website with access to their individual account section where they can access all their activities and stats including the number of new members they referred.

I have affiliate accounts with other Forex brokers and I will add my 2 or 3 affiliate links to the website from the admin area.

When a member login into his account area on my website, he has his individual unique tracking link to promote my website. When he promotes my website through his tracking / affiliate link, he is automatically promoting all services on my website including my affiliate links from my brokers and all clicks and conversions will be properly tracked to his credit.

I can add any product or service to the website at any time and I can indicate how much to pay each affiliate that brought the sale / conversion through his single affiliate link to my website.

When an affiliate promotes my website through his affiliate link, and his effort results into affiliate commission in my account on the Forex Brokers website I am an affiliate with, my affiliate whose effort results into that commission must be credited in his account on my website when my account is credited with the commission, and the amount to be credited into my affiliate's account will depend on what I set from the admin area for each product or service.

I must be able to add services or products to the system from the admin area and set the parameters like price to sell it and the commission amount to give affiliates per conversion.

There will be creative section where I can add unlimited number of banners to promote any of the products added to the system and each affiliate unique affiliate tracking url for each product or service will be embedded in each banner to track his performance.

I must be able to send mass email to all members / affiliates or a specific one.

Payments for services offered on the website is strictly by 2CO, Liberty Reserve and Manual. User will select his preferred payment option on the payment page for the products and services offered on my website. Credit / Debit Card payment is through 2CO. There must be proper integration of the payment system. On the manual payment page, user will select his country from drop down menu to see if we have bank account in his country. If there is bank account in his country, the account details and payment instruction will be displayed. If there is none, he will be advised to select another option.

No upfront payment. Payment is progressive.


Skills: design, banner