Developer Support

Developer Support


Job Description

We are looking for a developer to provide support to the developer community on our forum and also be able to write knowledge base articles based on repeated questions. This is a part time position requiring 2-3 hours of support every day.
1. Should be knowledgeable in some of these programming languages, frameworks, and databases:
a. Runtimes: Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, .NET (IIS)
b. Frameworks: PHP, Rails, Sinatra, .Net, Spring, etc
c. Services: postgres, mysql, mongodb, mssql, rabbitmq,, redis
2. Be an active member of open source community

To apply, in addition to a cover letter, please include the following:

a. Your experience as a developer and in developer support
b. Please include what open source community you are an active member of
c. Your participation in would be a plus

Skills: .net