Developers - Python, Django, and client side programming, MySQL, NoSQL

Developers - Python, Django, and client side programming, MySQL, NoSQL


Job Description

If you are seriously considering working for us, clear up a few moments of your time, read through the following carefully, and respond in as much length as you find appropriate to the questions being asked throughout this job post. There are quite a few details in this job post about what it's like working for us. Please take them seriously.

We are looking for individuals who are experts in Django, for ongoing active development on a few systems, writing code as part of a team in Python and client side (JS), based on very specific directions.
If you can also speak other languages (ruby, Java, php, even C#), we like you even better - please specify in your application.
NoSQL experience is a must.
High level of UI expertise is always desired.

You will be working as part of a team of individuals from around the world in developing a very scalable, robust and ubiquitous system. You need to be a great programmer with a lot of experience - do not apply if you're a web designer or a css person - you need to be a developer, with quite a few years of experience.

You must answer the following questions in your very first application:
1. Under what circumstances would you avoid using the Django platform?
2. How do you describe the data layer in Django? Where would you place additional functionality to the domain objects? And where would you put behavior that is related to the entire table?
3. What would be the syntax to place a Python code block in a Django template?
4. Choose one NoSQL product, describe what it is supposed to be used for, and under which circumstances you would choose an RDBMS and not this NoSQL.

Here are a couple of points to help you end up getting considered and not automatically disqualified:

1) Answer the question above. Do not disregard this request, and do not offer to talk to us on an IM - we can't talk to all candidates this early in the process.
In your cover letter, please start by answering the question - it's the first thing we'd like to read. We have a non-technical person going though the initial batch and throwing out any application where our interview question wasn't answered.

2) We hire many people for many similar positions on oDesk, and yet we take the time to write every job opening description so that potential providers can really understand what we're looking for. In return although we realize you apply to many positions on oDesk, we still expect you to write a serious non-recycled cover letter for your application. To begin with, not answering the interview question we have included kind of shows that you are recycling.

3) We're hiring individuals - not companies. If you know of other great people, maybe we can hire them too (individually...). If you work for a company or an agency, we won't hire you, so don't bother. It's nothing personal - it's just that we were never able to make it work with people working for someone else. In your application please specify "I am an individual contractor".

4) We hire people with the intent of providing them with as much work as they can handle, for a long period of time. Do not apply if you can only invest 4 hours a day. Do not apply if you already have a full time job somewhere else - even if you think you can work two jobs - we don't think it works.
We're willing to wait for you if you're just wrapping up something else, but pretty soon you'll need to dedicate a full time position to our projects, during YOUR working hours (so, if you're living in Poland, you will work during normal business hours in GMT+1 timezone).

5) We don't do part time, moonlighting, or anything else that is not "normal". If you're one of those people who likes to work at night, this is not the company for you. We're a team. We talk a lot to one another. We need to know that you will generally be available and working on a constant schedule. You can decide on your own what the schedule is, but you need to let the team know when you are around, and stick to what you said (so when you join you say: I work Monday through Friday, 11am through 7pm Germany time, and you stick to it).

Thanks for taking the time to consider us!

Skills: rdbms

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