Development of Firovia client/associate project management database

Development of Firovia client/associate project management database


Job Description

Firovia provide a training and consultancy services to blue chip clients across the world. As the business continues to expand, Firovia are often offered more work than they can physically deliver. Firovia have therefore decided to offer more work directly to consultants and simply take a proportion of this revenue as a commission. As the business grows further, Firovia will recruit new associates to deliver training and consultancy services.

Essentially, clients will post their requirements on the system. These requirements can be viewed by all Firovia associates who will then be able to provide a rate for the contract. An associate is an independent self employed consultant who regularly works for Firovia on client projects but is not an employee of Firovia or the client. If the client is happy with the associate, the cost and scope of serviced, they can then engage the associate. All invoicing will be done through Firovia so that Firovia can maintain the client relationship.

The system will essentially work like oDesk, except that all work will be physically delivered face to face, and therefore the system will not need to monitor the actual work.

The attached document describes the scope of works required. We require the system to be built using open source technologies. We require all applicants to thoroughly read through the specification attached and quote accordingly. Although we have provided a budget, this budget is flexible based on the proposals submitted by candidates.

We require the following in the proposal:

1. Fixed price quote. Contractors will need to ask detailed questions to arrive at a detailed understanding of the scope and intricacies of the project.
2. Overview of the technologies that will be used to develop the system
3. Timescales for delivery

Although we have selected hourly billing, we are looking for contractors to give us a fixed price quote once they have fully understood the scope of the project.

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