Job Description

Job Requirements:
• strong software development and technical leadership skills;
• passion for web site configuration, tuning and troubleshooting;
• deep, working knowledge of OS, web server, and database systems (Linux, Apache, and MySQL preferred);
• holistic understanding of the Internet and hosting from the network layer up through the application layer;

Extra Credit:
• languages: Ruby, PHP, Python;
• cloud hosting experience (e.g., Amazon Web Services, VMWare, Eucalyptus);
• web Development (e.g., Drupal, CSS, JSON, jQuery, Varnish);
• configuration management (e.g., Puppet, Chef, Subversion, Git);
• web security (e.g., IDS systems, DOS prevention);
• networking (e.g., TCP/IP, load balancing, clustering);
• linux packages (e.g., Debian or RPM packages);
• excellent organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written;
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Basic Qualifications:
• design and develop tools that automatically deploy, maintain, and monitor LAMP-based hosting environments;
• research, specify, and test hosting architectures leveraging your web, database, and OS knowledge;
• debug the toughest web service production issues.

Skills: troubleshooting, linux, apache, amazon, vmware, json, varnish, puppet